Cardiac arrest vs Heart attack meaning Reason


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 Cardiac arrest is more likely to occur due to electro physiological changes.

 • There may also be an electrical dysfunction behind it.

 • Kovid Survivor is a soft target of cardiac arrest.

 • Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone.  That's why this is the most dangerous.

 Heart attack

 Those who are already heart patients.

 • Who has coronary artery blockage.

 Heart attack occurs due to disturbances in the inflow and outflow of blood circulation.

 Heart failure

 • It usually happens to those people.  Whose heart is already weak.

 ,  Blood injection-fraction in the heart chamber is less than before, that is, this value is less than 25.  They come under its purview.

 How to prevent cardiac arrest

  1. Do not eat food outside the house and fried roasted food.
  2. Don't use tobacco.
  3. Consumption of alcohol is also dangerous for the heart.
  4. Stay away from stress, try to be happy

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